Did you ever notice when the seasons begin to change, you feel a little more depressed than usual? According to Mayo Clinic, most people experience this change in mood at the start of the Fall season and into the Winter months. More often than not, we decide to brush off changes in mood and deal with it until Spring comes back around. However, there are ways to deal with changes in your mood that are not as complicated as one might think it would be. Mayo Clinic offers three simple tips to help lighten your mood now that the colder months are approaching!

If the decrease in light outside is contributing to your low mood, it is then suggested to add more light into your home! You do not need to go out and purchase a new lamp to do this either. Simply try to open your blinds in the house or sit closer to a window when relaxing.

Some may argue that it is not so much the shortened daylight hours, but the change in temperature. Very often people choose to stay inside when the days get colder. Mayo Clinic suggests that going outside, even on a cold day, is another way to help your seasonal depression.

The last tip Mayo Clinic offers to lighten your mood is adding exercise into your schedule. Maintaining a regular exercise schedule, in general, can help a person’s mood. With the colder months, though, we do tend to do less physical activity. You should try to take advantage of all of the great exercise opportunities in the fall and winter months. Along with the fall comes fall activities, such as pumpkin picking, apple picking and, even on a cool yet warmer day, a brisk walk. In the winter months, try to take advantage of skiing, ice skating, and playing in the snow. While this list is limited, there are plenty of other great ideas to get you moving and not be limited to your home.

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