The 25th Annual World Mental Health Day is Tuesday October 10, 2017. This day is dedicated to raise awareness and break the stigma against mental health. Around the world individuals are afraid to open up about their personal mental health.

Why is this day important to recognize? According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), 1 in every 5 Americans are experiencing mental health issues and 1 in every 25 people are experiencing a serious mental illness. The leading cause of disability worldwide is depression. With such large numbers, only 40% of individuals with mental health issues received treatment last year.

Use October 10th to begin to challenge yourself. Take a few minutes and learn more about mental illness. Sit down and talk to a family member or friend about issues that may be going on. This should be just a start, though. We should challenge ourselves everyday to be aware of these issues. No one should be in the position of saying they wish they knew sooner what their loved one is going through. The more we talk about mental health, the sooner we can get the important people in our lives the help they need and deserve.

To see more facts about mental health in America, visit the link below.